Residential Bathroom Cleaning Quotation

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When contacting us for a quotation, please review the sample layouts below that best represents the approximate size of the bathrooms in your home and quantity of bathrooms. In order to provide you with the fastest response, our preferred method of establishing size, quantity and condition of your bathrooms is to conduct a virtual/video walkthrough of your home, at your convenience. In person visits are available if necessary. However, scheduling in-person estimating times are limited as we are engaged with servicing others clients.

There is a minimum cleaning fee of $75 per household visit.

 *We clean and sanitize all hard surfaces in your bathrooms. However, there are certain conditions that are beyond our control and abilities to clean. These include and are not limited to rust, burns, dents, scratches, hard water stains and mineral/acid etching of glass surfaces.

Sample of typical bathroom layouts/designs

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Commercial / Retail / Institutional Bathroom Cleaning Quotation

No two commercial bathrooms are created equal. That is why we do not have any common sample bathroom layouts/designs for you to review. The best way for us to provide you with the most accurate quotation, we recommend either an in-person visit or preferably, a virtual/video walkthrough of your business would be most convenient for both of us.

Does your business need more than just your bathroom cleaned?

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Looking to clean more than just your bathroom? We have got you covered! Our cleaning services are also available for desks, telephones, computer keyboards, and other exposed surfaces such as entryways, atriums, meeting rooms, corridor kitchens, break rooms, etc. We provide thorough services such as vacuuming carpets, sanitizing windows and doors, window washing, and trash removal. You can also request mopping floor services for your hardwood floor and carpet.