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We all know that life can be hectic. Family, work, and countless other responsibilities, household chores always seem to be low on your priorities list, and takes up a bulk of all precious free time. Nobody wants to let another weekend go by being trapped indoors cleaning the your home or business. That’s where we come in. Let We Clean Bathrooms…and more! handle all of the house cleaning for you. Especially the worst job of them all….CLEANING THE BATHROOM!!!

House Cleaning Services Apex NC

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At We Clean Bathrooms, we offer a variety of residential and home cleaning services to busy residents and business owners like you throughout the nation and your area. From one-time full home cleaning services like open house/realtor cleaning to routine weekly housekeeping, we will provide you with the exact cleaning service that best suits your needs. Our professionally trained cleaners are licensed, bonded and insured. We are one of the a highly the most trusted house cleaning services available Give us a call today! Click on any one of the PRICE PACKAGE links below to get your instant quote. No need to wait for a salesperson to get back to you.

Recurring Scheduled Cleaning

Recurring scheduled cleaning takes the guesswork out of cleaning your home.Our professional cleaners will ensure that you will come home to a fresh and clean house time after time.

One Time Cleaning

One and done! Just give us a call, and we will send our trained staff to you at a convenient time. We will get your home or office into tip top shape for any occasion. Especially the bathrooms!

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Its Spring Cleaning time! or it’s time to get ready for Family Holiday dinners? Whatever season, it is always a good time to book a whole house cleaning. We also offer monthly services.

Retail Store / Small Business Cleaning

We excel in residential cleaning to provide a healthy and home. Let us do the same for your business. Give your staff and customers the clean and safe environment they come to expect from your expertise & leadership.


Good impressions are good for clients, but Great impressions make you more money. We make sure that your guest or tenant feel they have made the right choice on your staying at your property. Family means everything, and our package leaves nothing untouched.

Hot Rush Cleaning

Unexpected guests? Boss coming over for dinner? When you need help in a hurry, we got you covered! Our staff will come through like a white tornado cleaning,vacuuming and disinfecting all necessary surfaces. But we wont cook the dinner!

Move-In / Move-Out Open House Cleaning

Whether you are realtor, or moving in or out of your home/office. Your hands are full of projects to tackle and you are already stressed out. Let us handle the dirty work and prepare your premises for the big day!

Warehouse Cleaning

Safety is priority number one! Cleaning your warehouse is important. To ensure employee safety cleaning should be a regular task. Our service package could be just what you need.

Office Cleaning

Working 9-5…who wants to clean? We do! We make sure that your office areas are cleaned and sanitized. We will come in after your operation hours and have the office ready for you to do what you do best. Our Office package allows you to work with a clean head and focus on your important clients.

Extras & Add-On Services

Don’t see a package that suits your needs?Contact us and we will quote you on a custom cleaning package or cater to any special cleaning needs you may have. Checkout our pre-priced add-on fees on the price package page.

Do What You Love. Leave Your Cleaning to Us!

House Green Cleaning Products Apex NC

If you care..We care!

A clean home is a healthy home. Perhaps more now than ever. It is important to maintain and germ, bacteria and virus free home. However, you do not have to make sacrifices in order to maintain a sanitized home or work environment. Traditional household cleaners can be a rough on the eco-system, and have the potential to be rough on your family’s health as well. Perhaps it is time to consider making the switch to natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. Fortunately, there are many of these environmentally safe products available on the market today. For many reasons, we have added the Simple Green product line to our cleaning arsenal. They do a great job, while not being caustic to your living and work areas. We will continue to use the traditional cleaning products as well, but if you have a personal preference, we can now accommodate your needs.



To make your experience better we conduct a comprehensive background check for all professionals on board.


We make every attempt to avoid breakage or damage. In case it happens, we will try to repair or when necessary replace the same.


We Clean Bathrooms will be there on time always for your scheduled cleaning.


With an open communication we provide you with honest evaluation and lowest possible price.

Time to Get Educated On Cleaning and Hygiene!

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