How to properly and effectively clean your house during COVID-19?

How to properly and effectively clean your house during COVID-19?

The entire world is engulfed in this much-dreaded pandemic. Coronavirus is affecting one and all. The worst part being, there is still no virus or treatment that could help anyone recover. The only “treatment” is social distancing, isolation, and hygiene. Keeping a healthy and clean home and staying hygienic are the only ways to protect yourself from the deadly virus.

However, there is a space in your house that requires slot gacor extra care and attention. It is that corner of your house that is the source of all the diseases and infections. That space is no one other than your bathroom itself. House cleaning and disinfecting is one of the most crucial ways to stay healthy and keep yourself protected from such infections.

So how to disinfect your bathroom during this pandemic and keep it clean? We have got you covered. Clean and disinfect your bathroom according to the following tips. Make sure you wear your mask and gloves when cleaning the bathroom

  1. Before you start cleaning, make sure you clear the room. Clear all the toiletries. Remove everything that can be easily cleared. From your laundry bag to your toilet paper, you must wind up everything and empty the bathroom. Everything that is movable and removable should be shifted out of the bathroom.
  2. Once you have the entire bathroom empty, start with prepping the bathroom. Before you commence with the cleaning, take some bleach and pour it in the toilet bowl. Along with bleach, pour some disinfectant in it. After you have poured both the items, spread the solution in the bowl with a brush. After that, let it sit for 15-20 minutes to let it work. For proper ventilation, make sure you leave the door ajar and the fan on.
  3. Next, move to dusting. Clean the corners of the bathroom and remove the cobwebs. Use a duster and brush off the dirt and dust; let it fall on the floor and then later, sweep. You can use the broom for effectively sweeping the dust off the floor.
  4. Apply some cleaning liquid to very filthy places. If you’ve got slot dana lemon juice and dirt build-up in the toilet, drain, and all around the nozzles, damp certain places gently and spray with cleaning powder. And then let it rest for 10-15 minutes as you do other important tasks would help you remove the filthy spots and make the cleaning process go a lot more easily.
    • Be careful to check the labeling to also be vigilant that you use the right product and will not harm the surfaces. Try it on a semi-visible area until you can use it.
    • Cover the filthy areas with baking soda and then dab some vinegar to make for a greener option. Let the solution stay for 10 to 20 minutes, then wash the vinegar and the soda with a wet cloth.
  5. Wipe clean the partitions, windows, and/or ceilings. If you have gunk on the roof, continue rubbing the liquid bleach / antibacterial mixture on it and let it sit for a few minutes, repeat the same procedure on the walls (if you have tiles), or use some cleaning substance. Scrub the floor surfaces you washed with a paper towel or a wet towel. Carefully scrub to remove stains and wipe with a damp towel.
    • A 50:50 water and vinegar mixture is indeed a perfect way to scrub walls as well as other surfaces. Only make sure you don’t add bleach with vinegar as it will create a poisonous product.
    • It’s a smart idea to wear latex gloves when you’re cleaning, preventing your palms from burning out while you’re using harsh materials.
  6. 6. Wash up the shower. Squirt some of the cleaning fluid on the bathroom walls and the showerhead and then let it sit for a few minutes. Spray cleaners specifically made to get rid of soap particles work really well on bathtubs that have not been washed in a while.In hard water environments that are susceptible to green and rust-colored spots, a cleaner designed to extract lime, calcium, and corrosion is definitely everything you need. Remember to never use abrasive cleaning products or green abrasive scraping pads or steel wool on porcelain installations, because they easily bleach the surface.
    • Immerse the head of the shower in soap and water solution. If the showerhead is blocked up with hard water or soap debris, drain it and immerse it in vinegar overnight or fill a Ziploc bag with vinegar and tie it around the faucet with a rubber band.
    • Next day, clean the waterholes with an old toothbrush of yours and remove the residual dirt. Go back to the bathtub and wash the pipes, shower head and faucet with a gentle sponge, wash well with the warm water, and dry with a cloth.
    • You can clean and make the faucet shine with a microfiber towel. Don’t overlook the shower curtain; it’s often resistant to mildew. A paste containing around 1/3 of the bleach, /3 of the water in a spray bottle, this may be useful to get rid of mildew stains. Or you can always remove it and wash it with hot water that has bleach and soap in it.

  7. Clean the sink and the counter. Rinse all the shampoo and slot online toothpaste off with a little cleaning liquid, rinse the sponge properly while you move along. Don’t overlook the garbage bin, toilet tissue holder, towel holder, toothbrush holder, doors, and other things in your bathroom. An old toothbrush or tissue swabs may be useful to get the garbage out of between the taps and the knob. Cover the tops and fronts of the shelves and cabinets. You might want to use warm, soapy water for this function. When you’re concerned about the bacteria and germs on these objects, put some bleach into the soapy water.
  8. Sprinkle the mirror cleaner or cleaning liquid on the mirror and clean it dry. Using a liquid cleaner or a bottle of water to drain excess liquid with a cloth or a paper towel. Upon wiping with a surface cleaner or water, clean the mirror dry with a tissue. A 50:50 blend of water and vinegar also functions well to thoroughly clean glass and other objects.
  9. Thoroughly clean the walls of the toilet. Wipe along the edge of the toilet, beginning from the flush knob, so as not to contaminate it again. Using a rag covered in a solvent for disinfection. Clean and scrub all the external areas of the toilet tank, such as the underside and rounded rim, the top and underside of the toilet, and cover, along with the handles, including their supporting area with a piece of fabric and detergent or equivalent cleaner completely.Don’t forget to use a sponge, particularly for washing the shower, or a paper towel. When you’re using a paper towel, throw it out. Don’t just flush it.
  10. After you are done washing the entire bathroom, you must sweep the dust and debris and mop the floor. Start at the furthest point of the entrance. Sweep all the dust and dirt you’ve washed so far and let it fall on the surface, then mop it with warm soapy bleach water. Make sure to scrub the surface with warm water and avoid oily soap stains. Be careful to reach to the edges of the toilet bowl where it’s fixed to the concrete. The area is extremely filthy. Don’t forget to scrub base panels or base adhesives. These areas typically collect a lot of dirt.

Bathroom cleaning is not rocket science, but one should be extra careful while cleaning especially during a time like this. Make sure to include this cleaning regime in your schedule to lead a healthy and protected life.

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