How to Declutter Your Home Effectively?

How to Declutter Your Home Effectively?

Be it our workstation, our bedroom, our living room, or even the whole house, and there are always too many things that are around us. These items still need to be put in the right space, set aside or shelved, or even put in drawers and cupboards. If we don’t do that often, it leads to a cluttered feeling all around us. Many items all at one place and not looking completely aesthetically pleasing.

Decluttering is the art and science of residential cleaning your space and allowing it to look neat and the surroundings to breathe. It may sound like a painful task or something that will take up a lot of your time. That is not necessarily true. Decluttering done right can take very little time on a daily basis. It can result in your space looking just the way you want without you having to put in too much effort into it. The idea is to have the best ways to do it and not get bogged down by it.

When we hear or read the word decluttering, it often leads to pictures of tiring work in our minds. However, this can easily be avoided using specific tips and tricks, which is what we’re here to tell you today. Use some or all of these tips and tricks, and you will have space just the way you like it, and it’ll be all your doing.

Organize daily

You know how you pick up an item, and you don’t need it for the next week, but you anyway put it right at the top of your desk or right next to your bed. When it comes to putting it aside a week later, there are so many such items that have piled up, and that’s what cluttering is all about. When you do get to cleaning now on likely a Sunday or coming Monday morning, you realize that this can take up more than a few hours of your time because each of these items now needs to be picked up put away in the right place may be needing to be cleaned as well.

The hack here is the simplest of the lot. Every day, every item that you pick up and that you know you’re not going to be needing again for the coming future, take a minute to put it back. This allows for two major things. One the item doesn’t accumulate dust and therefore, will not require constant cleaning. Two, having been put back in its place, you now don’t have to worry about it taking upfront space.


Now that we know that everything that is in front of you is things that need to be there, let’s look at how we can make the visible area decluttered. Make it look better, feel better. In a simple sense, the items that are around you should look organized, which is the idea here.
Most of us have this idea of keeping things for them to be easily accessible. However, these results are cluttered spaces. This can be a workstation, the bedside table, or even inside the cupboard. Disorganized accessibility-based placement of things often leads to a lot of work when organizing at a later time.

So, what are we asking you to do here? It is very simple. Put things that are the same kind or belong to the same work pattern together. What this does is this give aesthetic beauty to the way your things look. It makes them more accessible as well in terms of you being able to find them sooner. Finally, it also saves space. Let us take a small example here. On your workstation, you have a pen stand, a calendar, a set of files, your daily diary, and accessories related to your laptop and your phone apart from the laptop and phone. Keeping this all disheveled could mean you having to spend precious minutes looking for the right pen, the right accessory, or even the right file. But merely organizing all this can save you time and effort. Whether you do it in terms of what you used together or in terms of what belongs to the same category, that is up to you.


Now, cluttering isn’t always about where what is, but also about how many of something there are. Some people are fond of keeping pens until they dry out, or clothes until they wear out; maybe shoes. Take an example of your space. You keep buying new items, but you don’t take away the old ones. This could be because they have certain emotional value for you, or you really like the color, or you really don’t want to throw it away just yet? What this does, however, is added to the numbers. More items in limited space lead to cluttering. Most people in order to declutter follow the ‘one in one out’ or at most the ‘two in one out’ policy. Which is whenever they buy anything, they replace an old one with it. Ideally, it should be the same item so that the overall space consumption isn’t changed.


Most of our items are placed in or on already given/ purchased furniture in our offices and homes. The above are means to increase your storage capacity and beauty, leading to decluttering when working with those things. However, if you are extremely fond of certain items, such as books and you would like to store them in an extremely efficient manner so as not to cause clutter, there are specific pieces of furniture that can be gotten. Continuing with the book example, you could buy a space-saving bookcase that looks good too wherein a lot of your books, diaries, etc. can we stored. Another example is of personal accessories. If you like to keep a lot of them instead of spreading them around on a cupboard or shelf, you can buy specific jewelry boxes. These can help you organize them in a particular manner wherein they are easy to find, show, and also save on space.

While this option of decluttering may be slightly expensive in certain cases, it could save a lot of trouble for you and therefore, would certainly be worth it.

With all these tips and tricks about decluttering, you are sure to save a lot of space, have your area look much better and feel much better about yourself at the end of it all. Look around you. If you are anywhere close to being a perfectionist or somebody who likes neatness, we are sure you can already see ideas that you’ve read are used to make your space look much better than it already is. Are you instead of somebody who does most of this already? In which case you know that your ideas are well-founded and all you need to do is hone in on these skills.

A tidy and aesthetically beautiful space is a happy space, and this is what We Clean Bathrooms look for you to have. At the end of it all, you shouldn’t have to worry about how it can look or be better. It should already be the best, and we hope that that’s the case now.

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