A Curious Person’s Guide to Cleaning

A Curious Person’s Guide to Cleaning

The cleaner your home is, the healthier your body is. It is directly related to your immunity system as well. Your home is cleaned almost every day and people make sure that it is sparkling clean. You might be vacuum cleaning your entire house weekly and getting rid of the dust and dirt.

There is a part of your house that needs extra attention. People believe that as long as their homes look neat and beautiful, it is clean. You might be using every corner of your house but not the way you use your bathroom.

Eye-Openers on Bathroom Cleaning in the USA

An average household bathroom is used being used ten to twelve times a day by one person for different reasons. That is a lot of bacteria right there.

According to a study, out of all the house chores, cleaning the bathroom is being disliked the most in America. Nobody likes to clean the drains, remove their hair from the drains or clean the toilet bowl properly.  The study also revealed that toilets are being cleaned thoroughly once a week only in an average household. On average, the entire bathroom is cleaned only seven times a month.

This seems quite surprising as the majority of Americans opt for businesses, hotels, and restaurants with pristine clean and quality restrooms, according to another survey.  One should keep their bathrooms clean as well.

About 15% of Americans spend less than one hour per week to clean their bathrooms. 74% do light cleaning only and are not much aware of the importance of keeping the bathroom hygienic and sanitized.

Bathroom Cleaning is the Grossest Job for Americans!!!

According to a survey published in the NY Post, tackling the toilet is the most hated chore among the US households followed by hair removal from a drain and unclogging the sink.

Why Bathroom Cleaning is the Most Hated Chore

It is agreeable that there are many challenges while you are cleaning your bathroom. There might be some things that might be bothering you while cleaning.

  • You must be finding it difficult to scrub the toilets or bathtubs.
  • It is not easy to clean the dried water specks on your mirror.
  • Even the flush tanks, toilet slot gacor , and faucets have tricky corners and areas which are hard to reach.
  • The drains are the worst. They can be extra dirty and grimy sometimes.
  • The floor takes time to dry and it gets dirty again quite easily.

There are several challenges while cleaning a bathroom and yet there isn’t any challenge that is damaging your health. It can be a bit tiring but it is only helping you safeguard your health and immunity. There are so many diseases that are induced only because of poor hygiene conditions of the bathroom.

And What If You Don’t Clean Your Bathroom…

You must have noticed a stench in your bathroom and no amount of air fresheners help the smell go away.  This happens when you have not cared enough about your bathrooms and let the bacteria and germs settle. From your toilet bowl, toilet seat, flush handle to washbasins, floor, taps and doorknobs, bacteria can settle anywhere. Bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.Coli, Staphylococus aureus, Listeria, Enterobacter and Salmonella settle, absorb the waste from your body and the surrounding and release smelly gases.

  • Staphylococus aureus although it does not affect the general health, usually leads to staph infection through open bruises, cuts, and wounds.
  • E.Coli and Salmonella give birth to gastrointestinal viruses that lead to stomach sickness. Diarrhea and vomiting are induced due to them.
  • Molds can turn fatal. It takes place when you ignore leaky faucets, toilets and drains in your bathroom. It can lead to bleeding lungs, kidney failure or liver damage. It also affects your immunity system and fertility.
  • Streptococci bacteria cause strep throat. This happens when you touch an infected doorknob or flush handles. If the case gets worse, this leads to the production of flesh-eating bacteria.

You would be surprised to know that every time that you use your toilet, the bacteria are settling and spreading in your bathroom. The same bacteria that are on your toilet seat can be on your toothbrush, grooming products, and your bathroom linens, which you are using for your face and body every day.

You might be having kids at your home, who are vulnerable to deadly diseases. You must clean every corner of slot gacor bathroom. Given the fact that this particular room is the hub of some of the most fatal diseases, one should be extra careful while using and cleaning the bathroom.

If a person is flushing the toilet 6 times a day, imagine how unhygienic is the bathroom going to get.  After listing all the bacteria causing diseases and conditions, it is safe to say that you must flush after closing the lid of the toilet.

One should always keep the bathroom sanitized at all times. Think about the times you leave the auratoto damp every day or every time someone enters your bathroom with dirty shoes. All of these reasons are leading to bacteria causing diseases in your household.

It is very important to know that you need not spend one day in a week, cleaning the entire bathroom and break your back. You can easily give your bathroom a good fifteen minutes every day to keep it clean and use it carefully so that there are minimal chances of bacteria settling in your bathroom.


How to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

However, if you wish to clean your bathroom efficiently, here are some tips that you can use. (Wear rubber gloves)


1. Clear the entire space.

Before you begin cleaning, remove everything from your bathroom. You should clear all the toiletries, products, linens. Take all your bath and grooming products, rugs, towels, flower pots, mats, shower curtains, tissue rolls, and other utility products out of the bathroom. You need an empty bathroom to thoroughly clean the bathroom. If you have happened to keep your washing machine or any appliance in the bathroom, move it outside the bathroom for some time. 

2. Begin with dry dusting and sweeping.

Once you have emptied the entire space, bring your duster and broom. Using a dry cloth, dust the entire bathroom, wipe all the sanitary ware. Include all the nooks and corners. Use a broom to remove all the cobwebs. Once you think you have dusted the entire bathroom, sweep the entire floor and dispose of all the dirt and dust in the bin. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean all the last tiny bits of dust and grime.

3. Move on to the shower and faucets.

Before you commence with the entire cleaning process, make sure you have submerged your shower and faucet in white vinegar. Take a grocery bag and fill it with some white vinegar (you could also squeeze a lime in the solution) and tie it around the shower and the faucets while they are submerged in the solution. Leave it overnight.

Next morning when you are done with the dry dusting, carefully remove the plastic bags from the shower handle and faucets. They will appear all shiny and new. Use lukewarm water to clean the faucets and shower and dry them with a dry cloth. You can even use the same solution to scrub the little drain channel.

4. Time to use all-purpose cleaners.

Spritz some chemical cleaners on tiles, mirrors, flush tanks and toilets. Mix some of the solutions in warm water and pour in the bathtub and let it soak for a while.  Take a cleaning brush and gently scrub the sink, toilet, and the floor. Make sure you do not use the brush for your toilet and the sink. Wipe the mirror with paper towels.  Drain the water from the tub and wipe the bathtub clean. Use the wet cloth to properly clean the doorknobs, flush handles, etc.  Clear the soap and grime from the floor with water. Let the entire bathroom dry.

5. Clean the vanity area

Don’t use chemical cleaners and water for vanity shelves and cupboards.  Take a wet cloth and squeeze for it to be slightly moist. Wipe the insides of the counter and clean all the corners of the shelf. Make sure you don’t close the shelf doors while it is drying, this will leave a smell. Make sure it properly dried.  Once it is dried, place little mats and tiny air-freshener pouch in the cabinets so that smell nice and soak unnecessary moisture.


6. Wash the linens

The task is still not over. Even shower curtains, towels, rugs and mats of the bathroom need a thorough cleaning as they are full of dirt and bacteria. Gently wash the linens with warm water, mild soap, and an antiseptic solution. Make sure you wash your towels every day, it is not possible to wash the rugs every day, but the least you can do is dust the rugs and mats every day. Before placing them back in the bathroom, make sure they are dried well in ample sunlight.

7. Clean the bathroom vent

Once you think your bathroom is dry and clean. Move on to the exhaust fan and ceiling fan if you have them fixed in your bathrooms. You should de-germ the fans and clean them thoroughly as it contains a lot of bacteria and dust stuck to it.

Before you start cleaning the fans, make sure you have the power circuit shut off so there is no fear of shocks and injuries.

Begin the cleaning with soaking the frame of the fan in warm water and soap. Clean the blades with a dry cloth first and then gently clean it with a soaked wet cloth.  Remove the dust and grime from the motor with a small brush or dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth for the motor, there are chances of moisture entering the motor. Once the frame is cleaned properly, dry it under the sun so that there is no moisture left. Before fixing the fan again, make sure you have cleaned the ventilation panels properly. There is a lot of grime and dust settled on the panels.

Now that you have thoroughly cleaned your bathroom, make sure to maintain the cleanliness for at least three days and then you should repeat the process if required.

  • Make sure that you do not leave the floor wet or dirty, do not delay the cleaning. Clean your mess right away.
  • Sanitize your faucets, flush handle, and doorknobs every day.
  • Clean your drain every day, remove the hair and dust from it whenever you see.
  • Close the lid of the toilet, every time you flush.
  • If you can, then sanitize the toilet seat every time you use it.
  • Teach your kids to not take dirty shoes to the bathroom.
  • Wipe your washbasin with a wet cloth every day.
  • Use a toilet freshener every day. This will eliminate the culmination of germs.
  • Keep the ventilation fan on for a long time. This will help in inducing cleaner air in the bathroom.


Bottom Line:

So you must have understood about bathroom cleaning and how to do it. It can’t be sidelined that most of us don’t have time to clean the bathrooms. After all, no one would like to spend their weekends doing the gross chore.

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